About Vapers Haven

Here at Vapers Haven, we pride ourselves on having the lowest prices and best customer service available today, because we’re consumers just like you!

Being former smokers ourselves, we wanted to share the benefits of switching to smokeless cigarettes with others who are suffering from smoking related discomforts. Since switching, we both feel healthier and have become more physically active. We no longer have to step outside to satisfy our nicotine cravings, nor do we feel uncomfortable about satisfying that craving in a crowd.

In short, Electronic Cigarettes have eliminated all of the problems we experienced due to first and second hand smoke. The guilt associated with the act of ‘lighting up’ has completely disappeared.

In choosing the products that we offer at Vapers Haven, we spend countless hours researching, pricing and testing nearly all of the products currently on the market. We offer only the best of those products to our customers. We want to leave our customers satisfied and confident that Vapers Haven is the solution to their Electronic Cigarette needs.

We both feel very good about what we’re doing, helping others choose a healthier alternative to smoking, while spending considerably less money on their habit.

David & Eva-Maye Lucchesi

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