Vaperator Starter Kit

This is a great electronic cigarette when it comes to vapor production and throat hit. The Vaperator produces massive amounts of vapor due to their unique designed bridge in the atomizer.

This electronic cigarette is one of the best models available. The Atomizer and battery on this set are more powerful which is why it can produce much more vapor than a standard electronic cigarette.

This set is called the Vaperator because the battery and the unique atomizer combine together to create awesome amounts of vapor, that is why we call it: THE VAPERATOR .

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Can be purchased in: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, or Purple.

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Each starter kit contains:
2 pcs: battery.
1 pc: atomizer.
1 pc: USB charger + A/C adapter.
5 pcs: Atomized cartridge. (USA Mix flavor)
1 pc: Instruction manual.

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